Tuesday, August 11, 2009

newness and hereness

Its new and its here and I prolly should HAVE started doing this a long time ago. ANYthing to get my TWO cents across SINCE that isnt always the CASE in my music. Blogging and interviews seem to be the BETTER pedastal. Anyhow, BEING that this is my first entry I would like to extend an extended WELCOME friends and fans and bystanders. I just ordered a PIZZA and the PIZZA is going to arrive SOON. So I will get back to you another time. You can also CHEK in with me at myspace.com/mokaonly or twitter as moka_only BYE/hi


  1. Glad to know you finally decided to start a blog..

  2. I'm really PROUD of the fact that you decided to use a whole bunch of capitalized WORDS to get your point aCross. Scotch SHORTS.