Saturday, September 21, 2013

Its been a long time..

And I should't have left you... without another post. But these things happen. I won't bother with the in betweens because for those who follow me I am sure I kept you in the loop through twitter, music vids and all the other assorted 'itness' that is. For those who WERE left frozen since my last blog post,i feel for you. Couple of links for you to find my other swellings and dwellings: @moka_only  and the new .  That shoud help you un-thaw. What else? mm.. oh yes.. New moka only mixtape.. fairly new anyhow.  End of summer steez. Here it is..its a free download because i kind of care about you. ...and you can return the favor and care about me.  We will all care.. but be careful. Here it is:'a go make some more rap now. Been working on the newest mixtape..(yeah,im hella late to the mixtape game but oh well) one is gonna be called ..THE MUTANT.  A little darker and fuzzier.  You will groove and approve. Chat soon, torcharoons.