Thursday, October 10, 2013

vintage beats 2002 E.P.

Well neato cheeseburger doodle prognosis. I finally dipped into the old vaults and put together a lil' something from the 2002 era...strictly for my hardcore heads.. The people that have been asking for the old,unreleased stuff. I was going to issue a rap album from that era first but I got inspired to do something a bit different. To this day there are countless people out there that are fans that may not really grasp that ive always been the one behind my beats...even ten years ago. I put this EP together in chronological form to showcase the vibes of that era for the laymen. I think it turned out pretty cool. Had to transfer from an ADAT recorder into a digital mixing/recording console and then mix and eq things. Took a little extra time but worth it. And this is the first project for retail that ive ever put out without the help of a label or middleman. So we will see how it does considering I do not have the capitol to promote and advertise it. Hopefully other blogs and onine forums and sites will swipe it and give it some more traffic for downloads. I think 8 buks is more than fair considering the nature of this project and the time taken to extract,transfer and mix it. Who knows.. I like cheeseburgers though. Here is a link to it. Its bandcamp styles.. Direct from me to you. If you like what you hear please go ahead and buy. Being indie is a real grind despite what some people think. I am not a wealthy man. All I have is my music... shoestring budget but a big heart. Check the link:

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Its been a long time..

And I should't have left you... without another post. But these things happen. I won't bother with the in betweens because for those who follow me I am sure I kept you in the loop through twitter, music vids and all the other assorted 'itness' that is. For those who WERE left frozen since my last blog post,i feel for you. Couple of links for you to find my other swellings and dwellings: @moka_only  and the new .  That shoud help you un-thaw. What else? mm.. oh yes.. New moka only mixtape.. fairly new anyhow.  End of summer steez. Here it is..its a free download because i kind of care about you. ...and you can return the favor and care about me.  We will all care.. but be careful. Here it is:'a go make some more rap now. Been working on the newest mixtape..(yeah,im hella late to the mixtape game but oh well) one is gonna be called ..THE MUTANT.  A little darker and fuzzier.  You will groove and approve. Chat soon, torcharoons.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

more of the usual.

Its a sunday night and summer is drawing to a close.. at least thats how it feels.. afterall,it IS the end of august . Nonetheless the heat is still beating down on the city and im sure theres some space left on the beaches. Im all over the place lately(mentally) .. Tryna get done all my musical doings and whatnot. I feel like I need to live in the woods for a change or something. After SOOO many years of city life I finally have had it with the increasing noise and disruption. I feel I would be more of an asset to myself and the music world If I were to get away to a secluded location and really put more focus in on taking my music to higher plains. I would love ta live in a lighthouse.. Can you imagine that sh*t? Any dwelling down by the water would actually be fine with me. I must put that intent and energy out there and it will come back. Hmm what else to tell ya.. my most recent album "Lowdown suite 2 / the box) Is out.. If ya wanna hear a couple selections from that album plus more stuff then chek out my myspace page. Holler at yall soon. one love.---M

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

newness and hereness

Its new and its here and I prolly should HAVE started doing this a long time ago. ANYthing to get my TWO cents across SINCE that isnt always the CASE in my music. Blogging and interviews seem to be the BETTER pedastal. Anyhow, BEING that this is my first entry I would like to extend an extended WELCOME friends and fans and bystanders. I just ordered a PIZZA and the PIZZA is going to arrive SOON. So I will get back to you another time. You can also CHEK in with me at or twitter as moka_only BYE/hi